About Tool Guide UK

Thanks for visiting the About page for Tool Guide UK. My name is Enda McLarnon and I am the owner of this website. Along with my team of experts, we have completed hours of research on hand and power tools.

The main purpose of this website is to help anyone with an interest in DIY and what tools to use for what job. We know there are lots of sites available on the Internet. However, there are not many dedicated for UK & Ireland based readers.

We have combined our knowledge of tools along with our data research skills to bring you unbiased and independent views on just what tools are available on the UK market right now.

Our Expertise

The only proper way to test out tools is to use them for the purpose they were intended for. That's what we do here. Over many years our team have used a wide variety of tools made by many different brands. That means it is easier to make accurate comparisons between different brands of tools.

Jobs around the Home

There are always plenty of jobs that need doing around the home. These include putting up shelves, putting up curtain poles and rails and hanging pictures. It can also include building flat pack furniture, wiring plugs and a host of other small jobs. Having a good set of hand tools can deal with most of these smaller jobs. On our website we will explain which tools you need for each job and recommend our favourite choices.

Hand tools include hammers, saws, screwdrivers, chisels, measuring tapes, spirit levels, sockets sets, pliers, wrenches, pry bars, knives and many more.

Jobs around the Garden and Yard

There are also plenty of jobs that need doing around the garden and yard. These include cutting the grass, maintaining gutters and drains. maintaining decks and fences etc. In most cases these will require the use of power tools, though hand tools may also come in handy. We will also include many tips and tricks on how to achieve great success with various garden projects.

Power tools are the most popular choice for most DIY people. These include various types of drills and drill bits. It also includes power saws such as circular, chop, mitre, reciprocating etc, and a full range of other power tools such as angle grinders, multi-tools, rotary tools etc


There are lots of people in the UK who love doing a bit of DIY. There are also may people who hate it or just do what they have to do. For those of us who love it, then having the right tools truly makes all the difference in the world.