Mini circular saws can be a very useful tool for DIY enthusiasts, tradespeople and some homeowners. If you are someone who is looking for a powerful compact mini circular saw, the WORX WX426 model should be considered. It is certainly a very popular choice for many UK buyers.

In my opinion, it is a good option for DIYers and professionals alike. This compact saw fits snugly in your hand but is diverse in use for cutting through various materials. In my comprehensive review, I review the WORX 426, exploring its features, capabilities, and real-world performance to help you determine if this mini saw is the right one for your needs.

I shall include an overview of the WORX 426, show you the specs and highlight its standout features. I will then give you an in-depth analysis of its design, performance, and safety measures, followed by a breakdown of its pros and cons. Through real-life experiences and user testimonials, I will provide you with a firsthand account of how this tool fares in different DIY projects. 

Product Overview

WORX WX426 WORXSAW 85mm 400W Plunge Cut Compact Circular Saw

This compact saw is an electrical corded model with a 400 watt motor, typical for this kind of saw, and uses an 85mm diameter blade (15mm bore size.)

Like most of these it is mainly used for plunge cuts and with an adjustable depth feature, and handy laser guide makes this one even easier to use.

The blade is also easy to see and that is an important thing to know.

Key Specifications



Motor Power

400 watts

Blade Size

85mm (3.34")

Cutting Depth

27mm (1.06")



Comes with 

A diamond blade, an HCS general purpose blade, a TCT wood cutting blade, parallel guide and a carry case.

Please be aware that this saw is an electric saw that you plug into a UK main's socket (Not cordless) For the size of this, the 400W motor is powerful enough to cut through materials with ease. You can't cut bevels so please be aware of that.

It has been designed for one-handed operation, and I like the quick cutting depth adjustment for easy setting depth settings. In terms of safety, there is a blade guard which is standard on all power saws and a spindle lock button for easy blade change.

What this mini circular saw can be used for

WORX WX426 WORXSAW cutting depth diagram

This saw can be used for cutting a variety of materials to a  depth of up to 27mm (1"). Be sure to use the correct blade for the material you are cutting.

When I used this, and I have used a lot of these, do not force it through the cut. Too much pressure and it will wander off line.

It can be used with one hand, as it's fairly light and it cuts really well.

I cut a few skirting boards and decking boards and it did that easily. I also cut some MDF sheets (18mm) and it cut those well, as long as I didn't force the saw.

Main Uses




DIYers will find this compact saw really useful for many projects.


Professionals can use this for on-site tasks such as plunge cutting floorboards, etc

Home/Garden Renovation

Can be used for a range of home improvement tasks and for outside decking (Be aware of the small depth of cut at 27mm)


Good all purpose small light compact versatile saw.

In summary, this is a small compact saw that cuts well. You just have to bear in mind it isn't a full sized circular saw with a powerful motor and large blade. If you want to be able to rip large sheets or make long cuts along the grain, you will need a full sized circular saw.

This one can't do bevels so just be aware that you will need something like the WX439 to be able to do those. This model is light, suitable for one hand use and more powerful than you might think.

WX426 Comparison to Similar Small Circular Saws

I have included a comparison table just below. I have compared the Makita to a similar Bosch and Dewalt model of the same blade size. Although the GA5030R/2 has a smaller motor it packs a punch and is around half the price.




Hychika Mini


WORX WX426 WORXSAW 85mm 400W Plunge Cut Compact Circular Saw

WORX WX439 500W 120mm Black and Orange Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw
HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw, Circular Saw with 3 Saw Blades(85mm), Scale Ruler, 500W Pure Copper Motor, 4500RPM Ideal for Wood, Soft Metal, Tile and Plastic Cuts

Average Price




Motor Power

400 watts

500 watts

500 watts

Cutting Depth

27mm (1")

90 degree: 46mm

45 degree: 30mm


No-Load Speed

3600 RPM

4200 RPM

4500 RPM


1.8 kg



Comes with

A diamond blade, an HCS general purpose blade, a TCT wood cutting blade, and a carry case.

A diamond blade, an HCS general purpose blade, a TCT wood cutting blade, and a carry case.

1 x 30T HW saw blade, a 36T HS saw blade, a diamond blade, a Hex Wrench, a scale ruler and dust exhaust pipe

This WX426 is classed as a basic compact saw. The Hychika is similar in cutting depth but neither of these allow for bevel cuts. You need to spend a little more on something like the WX439 to be able to do those. The difference between the Hychika and the 426 model is that this 426 model does come with a case, which I would recommend getting. The 426 is also much lighter and if making a lot of cuts, that is an important thing to consider.

My Summary


  • It has a small 400-watt motor buts it's more powerful than you think
  • It is a basic compact saw and doesn't have complex features so very easy to use.
  • It's one of the most affordable mini circular saws on the UK market 


  • The cutting depth of the WORX WX426 is often mentioned as a drawback, potentially limiting its use for thicker materials like posts, hardwood or larger beams
  • It doesn't offer bevel cutting capabilities, which restricts its use for tasks requiring angled cuts like creating crown molding or making compound miters
  • The dust port might require a separate vacuum cleaner for optimal dust collection 

In conclusion, I believe the WORX WX426 is a good option for DIY enthusiasts seeking a compact and user-friendly circular saw for smaller projects. Its lightweight design, plunge cutting capability, and laser guide make it a good choice for tasks like cutting plywood, trimming boards, or creating intricate cutouts. However, its limited cutting depth and lack of bevel cutting functionality make it unsuitable for thicker materials or projects requiring angled cuts.

  • Recommend for - DIY enthusiasts who need portability, ease of use, and affordability for smaller projects like cutting plywood, trimming boards, or creating intricate cutouts.
  • Recommend with reservations for - Projects requiring deeper cuts or angled cuts due to the saw's limitations. Just be aware that the cutting depth on this is small at 27mm (1") and it can't make bevel cuts.
  • Not recommended for - Heavy-duty applications or professional use due to its limitations.

It's worth pointing out that you should read and follow the guidelines in the manufacturer's user manual. Make sure to carefully ready any safety instructions that they recommend. This model is good for basic perpendicular straight cuts up the depth of 27mm (1"). If you need to make deeper cuts or angled cuts this is not the right choice.

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