We have completed a Silverline jigsaw review. Silverline are a company well known for making good quality low cost products. Their Silverline 270462 jigsaw is an excellent budget choice. It is a basic model, but for any homeowner, who needs a jigsaw to do some basic woodwork, then this 450 watt jigsaw is certainly worth looking at.

Silverline 270462 Specification

For those that like the technical data, we have shown this just below.

  • Size and Weight :- Measures 3.4 x 3.5 x 20.9 cm and weighs 1.57 Kg
  • Power Type: - This is an electric corded jigsaw and operates from the UK main's supply using a standard UK 3-pin plug
  • Cutting capacity 55mm (2.16") for wood (5mm for metal)
  • Wattage: - 350 watts of power
  • Speed: - 3,000 RPM
  • No Load Speed - 2800/pm
  • It has a straight cutting action and can cut angles 0-45° to the left and to the right
  • It also has a lock-on button which allows the user to keep the saw running, without having to squeeze the trigger, handy for longer cuts
  • It has a clear blade guard that allows you to see the cut, but offers good protection from the moving blade
  • Dust extraction port
  • You can use either T-shank or U-shank jigsaw blades
  • The jigsaw comes with a hex key, a blade for wood and a set of carbon brushes

Who should buy the Silverline 270462 Jigsaw?

The average price of an electric corded jigsaw in the UK is around £50. The average price of a cordless jigsaw in the UK is around £110. For many people that is a lot of money to spend on a jigsaw. The Silverline 270462 jigsaw costs less than £20, so in terms of value for money, this price is hard to beat.

This jigsaw can do the same type of work that other jigsaws can achieve. As you can see from the specification, it has all the basic features that you need. That makes this model a good choice for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a jigsaw, that they are only going to use from time to time, or when working on a project.

It is also a good jigsaw for beginners as it is very easy to use. It works well for cutting laminate, decking or any depth of wood up to 2" (55mm).

Silverline 270462 Review

“Over the years we have used a wide range of jigsaws. We know what it takes to make a good quality jigsaw and the benefits of all the features, that make our work much easier.”

side view of silverline jigsaw

This is a cheap but useful basic jigsaw. There is not really that much that can go wrong with this jigsaw. Like many power tools, the brushes on the motor will wear out with use. That means they will need replaced at some point in time. Silverline provide a spare set of spare brushes, which is good, as they can often be hard to find, a few years after you have bought a product.

This jigsaw is not designed for regular daily use, nor is it designed for heavy duty work. The 350 watt motor on this model is however strong enough to do all types of lighter work and cuts. The fact that the soleplate also tilts in both directions allows you to make mitre and bevel cuts. So, it does cover most jobs that homeowners will want a jigsaw to do.

It also comes with a 30 day guarantee for faulty parts. However, we would recommend taking advantage of their 3 year guarantee, which you can get by registering your jigsaw online, at the Silverline website. So, as well as being excellent value, that length of guarantee also offers peace of mind.

Wattage and Power

Most high quality jigsaws have around 700-800 watts of power. The cheaper models, such as this Silverline, tend to use cheaper smaller motors. A smaller motor makes the jigsaw lighter and more affordable. However, it does reduce the overall power, which matters if doing larger cuts. It is also worth knowing that a larger motor lasts longer than a smaller motor. That is because the motor isn't always working to its full capacity, whereas, the smaller motor is working to full capacity most of the time.

One of the main reasons Silverline supply a spare set of motor brushes is that, they will burn out. When they burn out really depends on the amount of use this jigsaw will get.

Cutting Capacity

This jigsaw can cut wood up to around 2"(55mm) maximum. That means you will be able to cut most timber including laminate flooring and worktops, fence boards, sheets of wood, decking boards etc. Anything more than 2" in depth though is out of reach for this jigsaw.

Most high quality jigsaws can cut a depth of around 70mm (2.75"). The Silverline jigsaw is not as good for deeper cuts. Likewise, the depth of an angled cut is also much smaller than the average.

Blades and Blade Changing

This comes with a blade fitted which is made of an alloy steel, suitable for cutting wood. Every jigsaw will need a blade change at some point. The good news is that this saw takes either "T-Shaped" or U-shaped" jigsaw blades. The bad news is that on this jigsaw, they are a real pain to change.

The better quality jigsaws have a simple tool free blade change which can be done in a few seconds. This 270462 model uses a hex key where you have to loosen screws to change the blade. It is fiddly, frustrating and time consuming. if you only need to change a blade now and then, it is something you can live with. On a regular basis though, it would be extremely annoying.

How Buyers Rate the Silverline 270462

Buyer Satisfaction
  • We checked out over 300+ online buyer reviews and ratings (UK)
  • The average online buyer satisfaction rating is satisfactory at 80%
  • 56% gave this jigsaw a full 5 star buyer rating
  • 12% of all buyers gave this jigsaw a poor rating

What Buyers Said About the Silverline 270462


  • The vast majority of buyers say this jigsaw is excellent value for money 
  • Buyers say this jigsaw has enough power for most jobs around the home and garden
  • Buyers really seem to like the blue colour and overall appearance of the jigsaw
  • Buyers say this model is very easy to use


  • The blades are very fiddly to change
  • Not good for heavy cutting

Silverline 270462 Jigsaw Comparison

Silverline 270462

side view of silverline jigsaw

350 watts and a 55mm cutting depth

Average Price £22

Katsu 101624

Jigsaw, KATSU Electric Jigsaw Tool 400W with 5 Blades, Variable Speed, for Plastic Wood Steel Cutting (Budget Range) 101624

400 watts and 55mm cutting depth

Average Price £25

Check Amazon UK

Einhell TC-JS 60/1

Einhell TC-JS 60/1 Electric Jigsaw

400 watts and 60mm cutting depth

Average Price £35

Check Amazon UK

Bosch PST 700 E

Bosch Jigsaw PST700E

500 watts and 70mm cutting depth

Average Price £65

Check Amazon UK

You can see from this comparison that the Silverline is the cheapest, but also the lowest power and smallest cutting depth. The Katsu jigsaw is very similar but comes with a few extra blades, and has more power. The Einhell is a well known German tool brand, and their model has a higher power, and sells much better. Finally we have included the best selling Bosch jigsaw, which is 3 times the price, but more powerful, bigger cutting depth and the best selling jigsaw in the UK.

Our Verdict on the Silverline 270462

We would only recommend this Silverline 270462 jigsaw to the occasional DIY person. It can get the job done but is limited to a 2" depth of cut. If you want a jigsaw that is going to last and have the best performance, then look at a jigsaw such as the Bosch PST 700 E.

For less than £25, this model is as good as any other at similar price points. Just be aware of its limitations though in terms of cutting power, cutting depth and longevity.

The Silverline Brand

Silverline started up in 1978, so they are established as they have been around for over 45 years. Their HQ is based in Somerset, England. They are an ISO9001 accredited company making over 5,000 products. They sell through a number of dealers including Amazon, Qwikfast, Toolstation, Tools U Want, Brotools Direct, Bamford Trading and more.

UK Phone number: +44 1935382222

Enquiries can be made online at: https://www.silverlinetools.com/en-GB/Support

Silverline Tools are owned by Silverline Group.

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