This is certainly not the cheapest option on the UK market with a £500+ price tag. That said, you do get the mitre saw, two 4.0AH batteries and the charger required to operate it. It also comes with a blade so as you can get started right away. 

It is fairly new to the UK market, but those who have bought it so far have given this solid ratings. That is always a very good sign. Ratings can change over time. If they do, I will update this review to reflect those findings.

As a trusted affiliate website catering to UK projects, I will explain its features, performance, and value, helping you decide if it's the perfect saw for your needs.

DEWALT DCS365M2 Mitre Saw 18V Cordless 184mm (2 x 4Ah Batteries), 18 V, Yellow

Video Review

I found this useful video on YouTube if this is a saw you are interesting in buying.


For those buyers who like to know the full technical specification, please find it down below.

  • Measures 49 x 59 x 59 cm
  • Weighs 16.5 Kg
  • Torque = 3750 newton_meters
  • Comes with the two required Li-Ion batteries and the charger (4Ah)
  • Mitre angle settings from 0 to 48 degrees right and left
  • XPS shadow line cutting
  • 3,750 RPM provided by a fan cooled motor that has replaceable brushes for longer life
  • 250 cuts per charge
  • Blade Diameter 184 mm with a 16 mm bore

Cutting Capacity

  • Cutting Capacity at 90°/90°  250 x 50 mm
  • Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° 176 x 50 mm
  • Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° 250x35 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity at 45°/45°: 176x35 mm

Features & Functionality

  • Cordless - This saw is powered by Dewalt's robust 18V XR Li-Ion battery platform (comes with 2 x 4.0Ah batteries and a charger), the DCS365M2 lets you tackle projects anywhere, anytime, without tripping over wires.
  • Cutting Capability - This can handle a variety of materials with confidence thanks to the impressive 70mm x 120mm cutting capacity at 90 degrees and 45mm x 120mm at 45 degrees. Whether you're crafting intricate trim work or framing sizeable projects, this saw delivers.
  • Single-Bevel - While it doesn't offer dual bevels, the DCS365M2 excels in precise single-bevel cuts with a smooth 48° left-bevel capability, ideal for standard mitres and angled joinery.
  • Line Indicator - This helps eliminate guesswork with the integrated laser line indicator. It projects a clear shadow line onto your workpiece, ensuring perfect blade alignment and flawless cuts every time.
  • Dust -  The dust port is compatible with standard UK dust extraction systems. Keep your work area dust-free and maintain a healthier environment while you work.

My Review

There are only a few reviews as this cordless saw is pretty new to the UK market. I did however get an opportunity to use this one myself, and hers is my opinion.

Any cordless mitre saw like the DCS365M2 are great for portability. You can move them around from site to site, and also from the garage or workshop to the outdoors. I found this one is lightweight easy enough to transport. (It's around 17kg so still takes a good bit of effort. However, for construction workers or site joiners, this could be a great choice.

I made sure the battery was fully charged and I was able to make around 200 cuts on some hard wood, some softwood and skirting boards. That's about enough to be able to do a full day's work so pretty impressive. It's worth knowing that this saw comes with 2 batteries and a charger. Each battery is 4.0Ah so plenty of power from that.

Dewalt have this XPS shadow line cut indicator, which allows for really quick alignment of the blade and also illuminates the cutting line and I did find that really useful. I found the 11 positive stops gave me plenty of choice from 0 and 48° right and 0 and 48° left

The only slight downside that I noticed, is that the back fence can't be adjusted. It is not a huge problem, but would have been a nice feature for some buyers. I noticed on a couple of websites this is shown as a double bevel, but it isn't. It also doesn't have a brushless motor so worth knowing that.

While the initial investment is high, the saw's quality, performance, and time saved make it a worthwhile choice for serious DIYers and trades people who value flexibility and accuracy.

Experience & Expertise

Over the years I have used hundreds of tools and know a lot of people who also use tools every day. I made this website to help anyone who needs to do work around their house or garden, or has an interest in DIY.

I simply tell you what I know, without all the waffle, and try to explain things as simply as I can. I don't get sent products to test, or do paid reviews, and anything I write is my own experience, along with my own research.

I am an Amazon UK affiliate which means I do include links to Amazon UK on this website. If you click on those links, I may receive a small commission. That doesn't impact the price that you pay.

I just like to let people know.

enda mclarnon owner of tool guide UK

Buyer Ratings with Pros & Cons

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this saw gets a 90% satisfaction rating
  • 73% give this a 5 star rating
  • 6% give this a 1 star rating
  • Based on 50+ buyers

This saw is expensive, so there are not going to be a ton of reviews to analyse.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Just below I have included the pros and cons of this mitre saw using my own experience and expertise.


  • Untethered cordless convenience
  • Impressive cutting capacity for versatile projects
  • Precise single-bevel capability
  • Laser guidance for foolproof cuts
  • Dust extraction for a cleaner workspace
  • Durable Dewalt construction


  • Heavier than some corded mitre saws
  • Price tag might be a consideration for casual DIYers


If portability isn't your top priority, consider the corded Dewalt DWS727 for its double bevel range. For a more compact cordless option, the Bosch GCM18V-216 model could be a contender.

My Verdict

DEWALT DCS365M2 Mitre Saw 18V Cordless 184mm

This is a high quality saw which most buyers really do seem to like. The real downside is the price, but that does include two batteries and a charger. If you're a UK DIYer seeking a powerful, portable, and user-friendly mitre saw to tackle various projects, the Dewalt DCS365M2 deserves serious consideration. 

Its cordless design, impressive cutting capacity, and laser-guided precision make it a valuable asset for your workshop. However, if you're a casual DIYer on a tight budget, a corded model might be a more suitable option. Weigh your needs and priorities carefully before making your decision.

If this is not the model for you, then you can check out our top 10 Dewalt mitre saws by clicking here, or if you prefer our top 10 list of all brands of mitre saw by clicking here.

The Dewalt Brand

Dewalt are the most popular and high quality tool brand used by many professionals and those working in the trades. They make a whole range of power tools including Grinders, Drills, Screwdrivers, heat guns, nailers, lasers, sanders, routers, saws etc.

They have 4 ranges of tools that are known as XR Flexvolt, XR Flexvolt Advantage, Perform and Protect and XR Flexvolt Outdoor Equipment.

UK Phone number: +44(0) 1753 511234


Dewalt are actually owned by Stanley Black & Decker who are the umbrella group for other brands such as Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Bostitch, MAC tools, Vidmar and more.

Dewalt Warranty Policy

Dewalt power tools, including mitre saws come with a 12 month warranty. However, this can be easily extended to 3 years of you register your new tool within 4 weeks of purchase online.

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